pta autobiography essay

Attached is the actually assignment.
Below you will find some information to include:
This is some of what I have so far because I’ve been working and when I get off I’m sleepy and tired…So I’m going to let you take this information spice it up and add a little more but remember it can be brief because I have to set it just on the front and they dont want a 2 page….because I am writing all of this out on that paper once u finish it…Family life: my mother died when I was young which push me to be mature at a early age.. Father raise me until he became seriously ill,so I had to take care of him… All of this motivated me to strive harder because I struggle alot with no help from anyone.
Example of participation activities: I volunteer in my hometown of Howard community by feeding and sometimes providing essential needs for those who have financial burden. Running several errands for elderly people.
Awards/ honor: As I completed my years at HCC I was honor to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa(PTK) with a GPA OF 3.69. Also I received an award for tutoring others in a known club at the Holmes Community College called The Mosaic Club in which you help others that has weakness in other subject at the school. I received a plaque for striving for success.
Interest in physical therapy and emphasizing those which would enhance your career as a PTA: I worked in the medical field for 9 years as a Certifies Nurse Assistant(CNA). As a CNA, I’ve perceive various of immobility of patients and residents illness that causes them their mobility daily living activities.As a person with compassion, dedication, and patience …..
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