questions about psychopathology

Part I:
1. First look up the “psychopathology.” What does this word mean?
Then watch the two videos below:
A. VIDEO 1: (Links to an external site.)
2. Who was Elizabeth Cochran and what effect did she have on the mental health industry?
3. Who is David Rosenhan, and what was his contribution to Clinical Psychology? What was his conclusion?
4. How prevalent is mental or behavioral disorders (as brought out in the video)?
5. What is meant by “Psychological Disorders?” What qualities are mentioned in the video–please NAME and DESCRIBE these.
6. What is the “medical model” of mental illness, and how is this different than the biopsychological or biopsychosocial models?
B. VIDEO2: SCHIZOPHRENIA (Links to an external site.)and watch, the following video on psychopathology. Answer the questions below:

What is schizophrenia?
What symptoms were mentioned in the video? Be specific and please name AND EXPLAIN AT LEAST FOUR different symptoms.
What is the difference between “positive,” “negative,” and “disorganized” symptoms?
What are possible causes of schizophrenia?

Part II Should the Field of Psychology Provide Online Diagnoses?
The Internet Mental Help Web site offers online diagnoses for a number of psychological disorders. Visit this site (Links to an external site.) and screen yourself for depression. (A psychologist would ask many of the same questions. It’s a neat little exercise, but, despite the numerous disclaimers on the site, accurate diagnosis requires professional expertise.

What were your results? Were you surprised?
In this exercise you do a critical analysis of this Web site by arguing both sides of the controversy: Online diagnosis is or is not a valid mental health tool. Present an argument in support of online diagnosis. Why might it be valuable?

Now, argue against it. Why might the service be problematic? How might it actually be a disservice?
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