questions and answers 71


Describe the different neuroscience perspectives of aging. (3)
Summarize how the brain and our neurology changes with age.
Identify Theory of Mind.
Identify the positivity effect.
Can older individualâ€s brains compensate for changes with age? Describe.
Identify the premises of each of the brain models:

PASA Model Questions

1. Summarize the primary theories of aging.
a. Metabolic
b. Cellular
c. Genetic Programming
2. What is the best way to prevent aging?
3. Describe the changes we experience as we age:
Body Build
4. How do individuals age psychologically?
5. Identify how each of our senses changes as we age.
6. What types of cardio diseases effect people as they age?
7. What can be done about the cardio changes?
8. What types of respiratory changes affect people as they age?
9. What can be done about these respiratory changes?
10. What are the effects of Menopause?
11. Describe the benefits of Menopausal Hormone Therapy.
12. How does maleâ€s reproductive system change with age?

13. What is the status of elderly and sexual activity?

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