read the graph and do analysis 1

With the two reports in hand (seen Spread sheet and bar graph report), take some time to analyze and appraise the nutritional merits of this meal, focusing exclusively on macronutrients and fiber. The Spreadsheet report lists the number of calories and grams of selected nutrients contained within each ingredient; the Bar Graph report summarizes the number of calories and grams of selected nutrients within a single serving. You are expected to extract the most relevant numerical data and present these in a table. Note, that your table should reflect the extent of your analysis of the reports and relevant concepts learned within the course. In addition to your table, you may also include one graph (i.e. this graph is not required). The data you select to present in your table (and graph) will form the basis of your write up.
Your written report must adhere to the following structure with section headings and title:
1. Introduction. Begin with a brief introduction to the topic of nutrition followed by clearly defining the diversity and importance of macronutrients. End your introduction by clearly articulating the objectives of your written report.
2. Main Body. The main body will contain your analysis of the data. Your table belongs in this section. In this section, you are not simply repeating in words the numbers listed in your table. The write up should focus on the overall composition of the meal – not how well it meets your recommended intake requirements. In other words, I donâ€t want your report to be about how you canâ€t tolerate some foods, or how much you exercise. In your write-up, you are analysing and appraising the diversity (different types) and richness (the amounts) of macronutrients in this meal; and will ultimately reflect the knowledge youâ€ve acquired in this course.
**Note that you may also choose to generate “Single Nutrient Reports”; this can offer additional data that can be used in your write-up**
Remember that your table (and graph) must include a descriptive title and units. Where applicable, labels and legend. Please peruse magazine articles, books, etc. to get familiar with what an appropriate descriptive title looks like.
3. Conclusion. This will be a brief synopsis (one paragraph) of your most relevant findings and can include suggestions of how to improve the meal.
(12 font Times New Roman with 1 inch margins)
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