read the instructions i have also uploaded files

1. Use the Mystery Basket list to check which mystery basket you were assigned. There are 6 in
total. You only need to complete menu planning, lists, etc for the one tray you are assigned.
2. Create an Appetizer and Entrée Plate utilizing the items in your Mystery Basket/Tray and items
that were found on the included Pantry Item List. You must include a description of the menu items.
Be descriptive as if you are writing the menu description for a restaurant.
3. Write the names of these items (fill in the blanks) at the top of your Mise en Place List (see
provided file)
4. Create a Mise en Place list for all equipment, food and potential tools (small wares like knives,
spatulas/bowls). Be thorough. Imagine you are going to a place that only has a stove—list
everything you would need down to salt and pepper and serving plates.
5. Create a timeline (see the example provided). This should use all 60 minutes that you are
provided and should include gathering your ingredients and utensils.
6. Finally, show me your dish. Use whatever resources you have to draw a picture of your dish. If
you canâ€t draw, cut out pictures. If you have no pictures to use, use actual food and snap a
picture. I am giving you free reign to figure out a way to show me what dish you are creating. I
fully understand that you might not have the option to print and scan. You can also take a
picture with your phone and upload to canvas that way if need be.
What should your menu contain?
1. Appetizer
a. Plated
b. Can include a sauce if you would like, but it is not required
c. Include a description
2. Entrée Plate
a. Starch (Potatoes, Pasta, Grains, etc)
b. Vegetable
c. Protein (from the tray/mystery basket specifically)
d. Sauce (required, can accompany the starch, vegetable or protein)
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