redefining realness

Janet Mockâ€s Redefining Realness
-Thesis statement
Required to write (1) 7-8 page regarding the final paper. This requires critical thinking. The paper must be 7 pages and should not exceed 8 pages. Write a paper directly quoting from Mock discussing and analyzing at least two of the themes relevant to female life passages in her autobiography. This includes transgender identity, sexism, feminism, racism, and white privilege. There are additional life passages in Mockâ€s memoir as possible paper themes Include direct quotes from Mock and two to three credible scholarly articles relevant to the final paper.
These papers are not to be summaries of the selected essays/journals or texts you have selected to create your specific paper topic. A paper that is based in critical thinking requires the following: Paper length requirement seven pages to be in contention for A or B grade.
1. You create a valid and substantial thesis which is mentioned in the opening paragraph. A thesis is a claim that is supported in the body of your paper.2. You prove your thesis consistently throughout the body of the paper with supported text quotes from retrieved sources.3. Include a Works Cited page.4. Learners place their last name and page number on each page of their paper.5. Adhere to MLA format for paper writing.6. Each paper must have 3 scholarly sources
(Scholarly text sources are gladly welcomed) Paper should:1. Identify the quoted sources by journal, title, name of author in the opening paragraph.2. Critically think and write your reaction and connection to the authorâ€s assignments journal/essay.3. Critique the assigned readings in depth analyzing your selected quotations.
Donâ€t abandon the selected quote and proceed to a new paragraph. Write a sentence of analysis after each selected direct quote.
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