Request Refusal: No Favors for Jamba Juice

7.6 Request Refusal: No Favors for Jamba Juice
In an aggressive expansion effort, Jamba Juice became a good customer of your software company. You have enjoyed the business it brought, and you are also quite fond of its products—especially Banana Berry and Mega Mango smoothies. Jamba Inc. is in the midst of expanding its menu with the goal of becoming the Starbucks of the smoothie. “Just as Starbucks defined the category of coffee, Jamba has the opportunity to define the category of the healthy snack,” said market analyst Brian Moore. One goal of Jamba
is to boost the frequency of customer visits by offering some products that are more filling. Then it could attract hungry customers as well as thirsty ones. It has been experimenting with adding grains such as oatmeal and nuts such as almonds so that a smoothie packs more substance and could substitute for a meal.
You receive a letter from Joe Wong, your business friend and contact at Jamba Juice. He asks you to do him and Jamba Juice a favor. He wants to set up a juice-tasting bar in your company cafeteria to test his new experimental drinks. All the drinks would be free, of course, but employees would have to fill out forms to evaluate each recipe. The details could be worked out later.
You definitely support healthy snacks, but you think this idea is terrible. First of all, your company doesn’t even have a cafeteria. It has a small lunchroom, and employees bring their own food. Second, you would be embarrassed to ask your boss to do this favor for Jamba Juice, despite the business it has brought your company.
The Task: Write a letter that retains good customer relations with Jamba Juice but refuses this request. What reasons can you give, and what alternatives are available? Address your message to Joe Wong, Vice President, Product Development, Jamba Inc., 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102
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