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Read the posts of the other learners and post scholarly responses to two of your peers. Offer suggestions for improving the functioning of the team or shared leadership. Include text concepts, relevant research, and professional or practical experiences to support your responses.
Student post down below:
Hillâ€s Team Model is well known as it provides the leader or a team with a mental road map, to diagnose team problems and to take appropriate action to correct team problems (Northouse, 2007). The Hill model explains in which leader will determine an action of the team member that will certainly make an organizationâ€s operation effective under the leader evaluation. The leader decides whether to take action or not and that it’s base on various external and internal factors. The first leader takes all the information from the environment and then structures that information. If there is any delicacy in the organization, action will be taken by a leader. This model focuses on the relationship between leadership decision and team effectiveness.
Leadership decision includes internal and external leadership action (Hoch, 2013). Internal leadership include task such as goal focusing, facilitating result, training, maintaining standards and structuring for a result, and another factor of internal leadership is relational that describes coaching, collaborating, modeling principle, satisfying needs, managing conflicts and building commitment.
External leadership actions include all environmental factors; these are networking, sharing information, Buffering, advocating, assessing, and negotiating support (Phillips & Baron, 2018). The effectiveness of the team can be calculated by the performance and development of the organization. The leader analyzes the problem and evaluates which issue needs intervention and make multiple alternatives that can solve the issue. Examples include senior management executives, task force, and project manager that aims at making strategies of comparative advantage, quick response, and versatility (Hoch, 2013). Outcomes could be better decision making, enhances the quality of goods and services, critical thinking, innovative strategies, greater productivity, sustainable use of the resources and motivation to the employee in the organization. It helps a leader to identify the strength and weaknesses of an employee. This study helps the human service organization to improve quality and problem correction.
A real-world experience Iâ€d like to share is how my team organization takes action as a team to improve a teamâ€s ability to get the job done. First, we decide who is in charge of the internal and the external. The CEOâ€s task is maintaining standards, structuring for successful results, and most importantly makes sure he gains the trust of the team by supporting each team member. The other business partner keeps the team connected to the environment by networking, advocating for the team, and examines the clientele satisfaction.

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