response to discussion post minimum 150 words 25

Read the posts of your peers and post scholarly responses to the initial posts of two. Ask clarifying questions or provide a different perspective on transformational and adaptive leadership.
Student paper down below:
Adaptive leadership practices and values enable you to thrive in a constantly changing world, a transformation that enables the capacity to thrive. Adaptive leader concentrates on adapting people to transforming environments. Focus on the organization, not on the leaders or managers. Encourages effective changes to change across multiple levels such as the organization and the community. An adaptive leader encourages employees to think about what is best for the organization and to challenge leaders if they are not acting in the best interest of the organization.
A transformational leader is admired and serves as a role model for followers, they challenge followers to be creative. They inspire and motivate followers, by using persuasion. A transformational leader works with their teams to identify changes and allow them to see the vision through inspiration.
At my organization, I will consider our leadership style to be adaptive because we had to adapt to the new style of providing services to our community through telemedicine and we are all adapting to this new change in the organization.

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