resume and cover letter 32

The purpose of this assignment is to create a resume with cover letter that could be used to get you an interview for a job you have seen advertised. The application letter, therefore, is solicited (not unsolicited, as in the case of a letter of inquiry or exploration).
Your job search package (resume + letter) will be shaped around a particular job ad that is current and relevant to you and your own education, experience and skills. These are your tasks:
1.Look in newspapers, websites, and social media for advertisements of jobs in business that might suit you. Choose a job that interest you – one that you might actually apply for in real life.
2.Prepare a 2-page (maximum) resume for yourself. It can be chronological, functional, or mixed.
3.Write a 1-page (maximum) cover letter to send out with your resume.
Submit the resume, cover letter, as well as the advertisement for the job, in hard copy format (if your instructor requires this) and online.

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