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Benefits of Immigrants in the United States
Immigrants from different parts of the world make a lot of contributions to the United States government as compared to the native-born. The contributions of the immigrants to the U.S have been witnessed for more than one hundred years now. In every state in the United States, settlers are contributing significantly towards building the economy as well as ensuring its prosperity in all aspects. Most of the settlers moved into the United States during their early years. Since the early years are usually referred to as the reproductive years, itâ€s true that during their stay in the United States, they contribute a lot to the development of the economy. For instance, the big number of the labor force in the U.S is immigrants; this means most of the PAYE tax is gotten from the settlers. Given that immigrants play a critical role in boosting the economy of the U.S as well as making it more productive, there is no valid reason as to why we limit immigration as a country.
Immigration in the United States can be dated back to 1600 when the first European and British settlers moved into the country. Later on, around 1619, Africans began streaming but as slaves. As time went by, more immigrants kept moving to the United States. To control the number of immigrants, which had already raised an alarm, stringent immigration policies were put in place (Miller et al., 2018). By 1965, the migration department managed to put the number into control. However, with the development of infrastructure and the affordability of air transport, the number has again increased. Most of the immigrants moved into the United States in search of jobs as the country is believed to be a place of economic prospect (Miller et al., 2018). Despite there being problems associated with immigration, like the slow growth in wage rates, the study has shown that positive contributions of immigration are vast compared to the adverse effects.
Although immigrants are of a smaller number when compared to native settlers, they make up to 30% of total investments in the United States. Comparisons indicate that foreigners in the U.S are more likely to come up with businesses unlike the natives (Light et al., 2019). Various startups, including amazon, google, yahoo, and apple were all started by immigrants. Again, Microsoft and Oracle, which were founded by United States natives are currently directed and controlled by foreigners. These companies, which were either founded by foreigners or their children in States, contribute total revenue estimated to be around $5.5 trillion, which is bigger than the GDP of most countries in the world apart from China and the United States. Additionally, small companies majority of which are owned by immigrants contribute to about 70% of total employer firms in the economy of the U.S (Light et al., 2019). Moreover, the number of high skilled immigrants has been on the rise since the 1990s and this has been allied to innovation. The higher rate of innovation by immigrants tends to motivate the natives as well. Immigrants are more innovative than the natives because the immigrants work in STEM jobs that have lots of innovative activities. For instance, nearly fifty percent of medical specialists in the U.S are immigrants.
Firstly, focusing on where immigrants live, the majority of them live in traditional gateway areas such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. One major contribution that immigrants have played in these cities is making them more creative and diverse. Increased development has been witnessed in these cities. Immigrants occupy rural areas that have for a long time been experiencing a decline in population, thus amending this decline (Light et al., 2019). A decline in population contributes to the closure of most schools, hospitals, and businesses. Some people are also forced to relocate to neighborhoods that are developed. Thanks to immigration that there has been no decline in population. Immigrants have also rejuvenated downtown areas, thus creating jobs (Light et al., 2019).
Secondly, immigrants result in fewer records of crime within the community. When compared to the native citizens of the United States, immigrants are unlikely to commit crimes. High immigration rates, therefore, are pegged to a decline in both violence as well as property crime. This is true for both authorized and unauthorized immigrants despite their country of origin and their learning levels. In the U.S., it is evident that the majority of foreigners are never associated with crime (Vaughn et al., 2018). Another study carried out shows that the broods of immigrants are more educated hence they end up in occupations that pay much when compared to their parents. Thus, the more educated the immigrants are, the more competent is the workforce.
Immigrants are key players in boosting the national birth rate of the U.S which is experiencing drastic low levels among the native-born citizens. A decrease in a country’s birth rate results in a decline in the labor force, a decrease in demand in several companies such as housing as well as a decelerating dynamic economy (Ward et al., 2019). However, immigrants neutralize these impacts. Furthermore, a combination of the low birth rate with the elderly population of the baby boom generations implies that immigrants are very helpful in the improvement of the ratio of employees to retirees thus supporting the baby boom generation in their retirement period. This is very critical considering the economic challenge resulting from the retirement of the baby-boom population. The inclusion of young employees in the U.S labor force can help in easing the demographic shift. Absence of immigrants would mean that the number of working-class adults would make up a small proportion of the entire population. Currently, eighty percent of the immigrants are of the working-age compared with the sixty percent of the U.S citizens. This difference is crucial as it implies that the immigrants have a high chance of being in the labor force (Ward et al., 2019).
Apart from having a significant impact on the working industry, immigrants help in ensuring that the social security trust fund is sustained. Ten years ago, the undocumented settlers paid up to $13 billion into retirement accounts from which they only claimed $1 billion as compensation (Scommegna, 2016). Without foreigners contributing to the social security funds, it is believed that reimbursements would not be paid out wholly beyond 2037. This is true because, for many years now, foreigners have contributed an amount equivalent to $300 billion towards the social security trust fund (Scommegna, 2016). People who migrated to the United States at an early age were required to pay $465 for their application. This means that the program can sustain itself and does not cost the taxpayer anything. The program kicked off in 2012, and since then, individuals exceeding 750000 have applied for the program and their applications approved. This means the government has reaped many benefits from these immigrants. If the program was eliminated, $433.4 billion would be lost from the overall GDP (Scommegna,.2016).
In conclusion, it is evident that immigrants are key players in fueling the economy of the United States. When foreigners join the United States labor force, they increase the production capacity of the country, which in turn results in an increase in the GDP of the country. Besides, by entering the market, the immigrants help in greasing the wheels, especially in the labor market, by reaching out to areas in the employment industries with a deficit in the working population. This is very crucial because the existence of bottlenecks in labor in these industries would result in a decline in growth. Besides, an increase in skilled immigrants is associated with innovation as well as investment, which are essential in the development of the economy. It is thus crucial to appreciate the importance of foreigners in the United States as they contribute much to the growth of the economy.

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