sap analytics cloud erp supply chain please find the attached document having 10 questions 1

There is a student simulation game called “The ERP Simulation game” which is an innovative “learning-by-doing” approach to teaching ERP concepts, especially as it relates to supply chain. “During this game, students have to run a business with a real-life ERP (SAP®). Groups of five to six students each operate a firm in a make-to-stock manufacturing supply chain context, and must interact with suppliers and customers by sending and receiving orders, delivering their products, and completing the whole end-to-end business cycle. A simulation software program automates the sales process such that each firm receives a large number of orders every round of the simulation. Several administrative functions in SAP® are automated too, so that students can focus on making business decisions, rather than mastery of the many transactions of a complex ERP system. Using a mix of the ERP systemâ€s standard transactions and customized reports, students must analyze information and make business decisions to ensure the profitability of their operations. The learning objectives of this game are fivefold: (i) to develop a hands-on understanding of the concepts underlying enterprise systems, (ii) to experience the benefits of enterprise integration firsthand, (iii) to develop technical skills using ERP software, (iv) to learn how to work in a team, and (v) to learn how to develop, execute and refine strategy in a real-time business environment.”
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