sexually exploited children

Today’s topic is commercially exploited children. Read the power point, watch the video to answer the questions below. Some things to consider when thinking about children who are commercially exploited:
It is challenging to identify young people who are being exploited.
The uncertainty of many trafficking victims who may be undocumented may prevent them to speak out.
The criminal justice system historically would criminalize trafficking victims. There is some progress being made in the criminal justice system specific to sex trafficking.
1. Why do you think a trafficker would prefer to exploit humans instead of trafficking drugs or guns?
2. “Forced Criminality” is a form of exploitation. What is your understanding of how this benefits traffickers?
3. Most victims of trafficking are isolated from their families and communities through manipulation and coercion. What are some ways that survivors have been able to get out of “the life.”
4. Trafficking survivors have high rates of abuse as children. What do you think are some of the reasons someone would make a decision to become a trafficker.

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