short paper and 2 seperate word docs

1st Word DOC:
Write a short summary about.
What is your dream Job? Where?
Which country is the most overworked? (2:55 min)

What are the most advanced technological countries? (2:58 min)

What are the biggest companies in the world? (3:38 min)

15 of the most amazing jobs (10:00 min)

After watching the above videos in Lesson 1, write a 400 to 450 word discussion of your dream
job and where it would be located. Must show word count.
2nd Word DOC:
Part 1 (~200wds)
Explain the three perspectives of globalization. Which one do you think is closest to the truth, and why?
Part 2 (~200 wds)
Imagine a world in which an organization can confer global citizenship upon a person. What do you think the criteria would be for consideration?
-350-400 word essays addressing the questions stated in the assignment.
-cite and reference minimum three sources of information.
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