should vaccines be mandatory in the u s

APA format
1. introduction to the Vaccination Controversy
What to include in the “Introduction to the Controversy” section:

This should be at least two 5-sentence paragraphs.
Write in 3rd person. (Please do not use any 1st or 2nd person statements such as “you”, “I”, “we”, “us”)
Explain the purpose of writing this paper.
This section should include both a detailed description of what a vaccination is, who receives vaccines, and a description of the current the debate in the U.S. surrounding them i.e. the scope of the debate, who is involved, who it affects- the type of issue i.e. political, human rights, religious issue etc. Important: stay away from the actual argument pros and cons as these belong in the next two sections.

Include an in-text citation(s).

2. Why Some Agree That Vaccines Should Be Mandatory in the U.S.
This should be at least two 6-sentence paragraphs.
3.Why Some Agree That Vaccines Should Not Be Mandatory in the U.S.
This should be at least two 6-sentence paragraphs.
4. Discussion Board Forum Teamwork Reflection
You need to discuss how well you and the other students assigned to your discussion board forum worked together.
Please write in 1st person.
This paragraph should be at least 10 sentences long that carefully describes how well the group worked together based on the following five (5) categories:
Contributes to the discussion: Did the students in your assigned discussion board all contribute a synopsis? Did everyone contribute to the discussion comments?
Group Encouragement: Did you notice any students encouraging others to contribute to the discussions?
Deadlines: Did everyone seem to post their synopsis and add to the comments by the assigned deadlines? Did you notice any posts encouraging and motivating everyone to get the work done on time?
Communication: How did your group seem to do as far as treating each other respectfully by being polite and constructive in communication.

Conflict: If conflict arose within the discussion, did anyone respond to the conflict? Did they help to manage/resolve it in a way so that the work of the group could be completed peaceably and well?

5. Summary
This should be at least two 5-sentence paragraphs.
Please write in 1st person.
This is a “critical thinking paragraph”. Answer the following questions inside of this paragraph, but DO NOT include the questions:
What preconceived ideas about the vaccination debate did you have BEFORE reading the articles that you cited in this paper?
How have your ideas changed after reading the cited articles? For example, what is YOUR opinion/position on whether or not vaccines should be mandatory in the U.S.? Explain what specifically influenced your position and any items that limit your understanding and ability to form an opinion on this topic.
Why do you believe that continued research on whether or not vaccines being mandated is important? (Explain the relevance and complexity of the research findings.)
What question(s) has this research paper raised for you? What are you still wondering about? (NOTE: nothing is not an acceptable answer.)
6. Refrence
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