slang paper 2

Use phrase “You hate to see it” and write only Definition and Grammatical Function section.
1.Definition: briefly include the form and function of the phrase (noun, adjective, verb, adverb)
-distinguish between a traditional meaning (in dictionary) and the slang meaning
-offer synonyms for the phrase
-offer at least one example of the phrase used in a sentence
-explain how it arrived at its slang meaning
2. Grammar function: explains the form of the phrase (including the individual words in the phrase) and–more importantly–the different functions of the phrase (noun, verb, adjective, adverb)
-include sample sentences for each function described
-explain how form affects the function of the phrase
-explain whether the phrase is found most often in any sentence pattern
-speak to its most common location in sentences
-offer clues to its function based on where it’s found in a sentence
-show how each meaning is distinct from synonyms (why it’s used over synonyms)
-include any “rules” for its use; that is, does the writer help readers understand how its form or function within a sentence influences the meaning of the word
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