smart workspace

Topic: Smart Workspace

Please follow the below guide and doc for instructions to develop on the topic:
Be sure to discuss the topic from the perspective of the Chief Information Officer and an IT Management perspective.
An important aspect of this class is the consideration of emerging issues and trends. We will approach this topic area by considering both technology trends and IT strategy/management trends. First, you should read the article “Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019” and review the list of “IT TOPICS” (both located in Content>Week 1>Activities>IT Trends and Topics) and select one of the topics listed and that has not already been chosen by a classmate, and post your selected topic in response to this discussion. If you will put the topic in the “subject/title” area for your response, we can all see at a glance what has been chosen. If there are no remaining topics in which you have an interest, you may propose one for my approval. Once the selections have been made, I will post a schedule of when each of the topics should be presented as a student-led discussion.
It will then be your responsibility to research the topic and create a 3-4 paragraph “report” on what the trend is, why it is important and how it relates to what we are doing in class or to the IFSM major area of study in general, and pose some thought-provoking questions. Be sure to give credit to your sources. Each student will lead one discussion during the remaining weeks of class; the rest of the class will respond to the discussion, and the discussions will count as a significant part of your participation grade each week. The leader of the discussion is responsible for responding to other students’ postings and continuing the conversation much as if we were in a classroom together
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