sports management tournament bracket project

You will be provided with 5 choices for your tournament. You will complete a bracket/schedule according to the format given. You will need to provide the bracket, seeding, dates, times, and sites. You will also provide proper tiebreakers if called for. This will be completed on paper no larger than legal size and can be as many pages as needed.
Pick one of the following. Project should be completed on paper no larger than legal size. You can use as many pages as necessary. Make sure the times and dates are sports specific. (Ex: football teams would not play multiple games in a week). High Schools and Junior Highs cannot play on Sundays. Pay close attention to the seeding and the matchups. You do not have to advance the teams in the bracket. It needs to be typed.Helpful hint: you can use a bracket template from a website and then insert a text box for times, dates, etc. Easiest way to turn this in is to scan and email it to me. Feel free to send your work to me as you go so I can provide help. Do not forget about tie breakers when applicable.
1. Take the top 16 NCAA Football teams from the USA Today Coaches Poll or the Associated Press Poll and develop a 16 team tournament bracket along with a
consolation bracket.
2. Take the final top 8 state ranked high school volleyball teams in both 4A and 5A
and develop a 4 pool tournament with 1st-4th place finishers.
3. Using all Big XII volleyball teams develop a double elimination tournament
4. Using the current Division I NJCAA Soccer rankings develop a 12 team double
elimination tournament.
5. 32 team basketball tournament with a winners bracket and a consolation bracket. For reference you can research the Sandra Meadows basketball classic.
Make sure to take into account- dates, times, sites, tiebreakers.
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