stat 2070 project

I have a Statcrunch account if needed as well!
This is the final project for STAT 2070. It is worth 15 points. I have gathered a set of anonymized and randomized data for you to work with. You are to use this datafile to answer the following questions. This project is due by May 15, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. I cannot accept this any later than that. You will need to load your data int StatCrunch for Parts 2 (if you dont have a statistical webiste you use) and on.
You may use your own data so long as you can cover these statistics and are able to answer all the questions. If you do collect your own data, you can choose either ANOVA or Multiple Regression. The other 5 points will be for collecting and correctly setting up your data. Using a pre-canned dataset on StatCrunch or from anywhere else does not count as collecting your own data. You may do this, but if you do, you must answer all the questions.
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