Take an SHSAT practice test today

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.
If you are a student who is preparing to take the SHSAT exam, Study.com can make the process simple! We offer a wide variety of study tools and resources to get you up to speed with what to expect on the day of the exam. Among our tools are full-length practice tests you can use to get comfortable with the SHSAT test-taking experience and exam content. By utilizing these tests, you will be closer to your goal of earning a high score and gaining admission to one of New York City’s Specialized High Schools.
How can you benefit from our full-length SHSAT practice tests?
Exam familiarity: Our practice tests mirror the style, format and content of the actual SHSAT exam.
Immediate feedback: After completing each practice test, you will receive a comprehensive diagnostic report that pinpoints concepts you fully comprehend and those that need improvement.
Onscreen timer: Each practice test features an onscreen timer designed to help improve your testing speeds.
Lots of practice: We offer hundreds of test questions to provide you with hours of SHSAT test-taking practice!
To begin SHSAT test prep with Study.com, we recommend taking our free 15-question practice test. This free test gives you a clear idea of your current knowledge of important SHSAT exam concepts. You will receive a mini diagnostic report that identifies your correct answers and points you to video lessons in our SHSAT study guide that can quickly boost your understanding of concepts you don’t yet grasp. After signing up with Study.com and gaining full access to our full-length practice tests, video course and other study tools and resources, you can effectively build your SHSAT exam mastery!
Our entertaining SHSAT course offers a comprehensive overview of all topics you can expect to encounter on the exam. Developed by top instructors, the lessons closely examine verbal and math concepts and are presented in digestible chunks that make studying easy and effective. Each lesson is paired with a short quiz you can take anytime to test your knowledge of key concepts. If you develop questions while studying the lessons, reach out to our online tutors to get the answers you need!
We offer informational SHSAT resources that ensure you have complete knowledge of steps to take before, during and after exam day. Our resources provide valuable details about SHSAT scores, test accommodations and costs. You’ll also learn about SHSAT registration and the retake policy. If you need study tips and techniques to enhance your test-taking skills, we have you covered! After exploring our resources, you will be well prepared for the day of the test.
Feel confident that you won’t fall behind in your SHSAT test preparations by taking advantage of our custom study schedule planner. By sharing with us the date you want to complete your studies, we can send you regular email reminders to keep you on track! Our mobile app makes studying on the go simple. Download the app to access all of our SHSAT test prep tools and resources from your smartphone or tablet.
Study.com’s practice tests, course lessons and informational resources make your SHSAT prep fun and easy. Getting started requires absolutely no obligations, so begin your journey by taking our free 15-question practice test today!
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