ted talk 28 min marketing 10 questions

A.Tribes we Lead by Seth Godin, TED (17:29 min.)
Watch the video and provide specific, thorough and well-developed answers to the questions below:
1 – Explain Seth Godinâ€s marketing ideas.
2 – Describe how he defines tribes.
3 – What are the three questions he asks.
4 – Write a minimum of 100 words to describe how you personally think marketing will change in the future.
B. Life cycle and Categories
1- List and explain each one of the stages of a product life cycle. Provide at lease one product for each one of the stages.
2- Think of a product introduced in recent years. Detail the strategies the company producing it used to pass from introduction to growth stage.
3- Explain the activities in each of the stages with a movie. Describe what is usually done before, during and after the release of a movie and when the last stage of the product life cycle is entered.
4- Describe the three categories of products and provide two examples of each. Do not use the examples in the textbook or lecture slides.
C. Product life cycle and marketing Strategies.
1-Identify a product currently in the ‘Mature’ stage and another in the ‘Decline’ stage. Use specific examples of activities to explain what is currently happening to both products in the marketplace.
2- With the product you identified in question one as being in ‘Mature’ stage, detail the types of marketing strategies you would develop to extend its life cycle.
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