the first paragraph should be a detailed explanation of the topic that you have chosen to discuss you must properly explain the concept process in this essay

I will send four pictures that demonstrates one of the physical processes below and provide a written analysis of the process and how it is related to the photo. The photo should take up half the page; the other half should include 200-250 words (single-spaced) explaining the process and how your photo relates to it. The photo essay must conform to the format outlined on the following page.
In addition to the 4 essays, please include a table of contents and an introduction and conclusion that ties together what this assignment has taught you about the physical geography of the Southern California.
These are the topics that you can choose from for your photo essays: You must choose at least one topic from each section, the other two topics can be anything from the list. If you want to write about a topic that is not listed here, you must have it approved by me first.
Section 1: Energy, the Atmosphere, and Weather

Absorption, Reflection and Transmission
Local Winds
Mediterranean Climate
Cloud Formation
Climate Change

Section 2: Biomes and Earth-Atmosphere Interface

Desert OR tropical plant adaptation
Sedimentary, Igneous or Metamorphic Rocks
Adret/Ubac Slope Impact on Plant Distribution
Vertical Zonation


An INTRODUCTION paragraph to introduce the topics you chose for your photo essay project. (What will you discuss? Why did you chose the topics you did? What was your plan in choosing each of the topics?)
FOUR PHOTO ESSAYS : see below for detailed instructions on what to include in each photo essay
A CONCLUSION paragraph tying together what you discussed in your photo essays and how your topics relate to each other and a reflection on the process of analyzing your own environment for physical geography processes (How easy/difficult was it? What did you learn trying to find these topics in the real world? Etc.)

Pick only ONE process/topic to discuss. I am looking for depth of knowledge, not breadth.
The first paragraph should be a detailed explanation of the topic that you have chosen to discuss. You must properly explain the concept/process in this essay to gain the full points. For example, if you chose cloud formation – you would discuss all of the factors necessary for clouds to form and you might also talk about the different ways that clouds are able to form in the atmosphere. (I will send you a “Cheat Sheet” of what to discuss for each topic that is available)
The second paragraph should be an analysis of the landscape specific to your photo. You should be identifying specific landforms or topics and explaining how the process youâ€re discussing has shaped what is in your photo. For example, if you were discussing clouds, you might explain to me what conditions outside allowed the cloud to form in that particular location. If there is no analysis of how your photo relates to the topic that you are discussing, you will not get full credit.
This whole assignment MUST be 100% in your own words. No quotes from the textbook, lecture notes, or the internet are allowed. If you use the book or an internet resource to help you understand something, it MUST be cited in either MLA or APA format and included in a works cited section at the end of the paper.
Please keep your photo essays single spaced so that all of the information for each photo essay fits onto one page. If you happen to have more than one page of information, that is fine. Just start the next photo essay on a new page.
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