the necessity of rights 1

Learning Objective: Through intensive thinking analysis of selected Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, we learn that a republic cannot exist without the protection and promotion of rights.
Analyze these three documents: The U.S. Constitution (1787), Franceâ€s Declarations of Man and Citizen (1789), and the United Nationâ€s The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Consider the rights that are common to all three documents. Notice that not all rights appear in all three papers. Compose an essay in which you compare and contrast the rights found in the documents and make a case for the three rights, that are found in all three documents, that you consider most important.
Each Assignment requires:

600 words min
double spaced
a thesis statement,
an APA style bibliography,
use of APA style in-line citations, and
adherence to the 3+1 Rule.

The 3+1 Rule requires students to use a minimum of three assigned readings from the current week and one from a previous week. This rule encourages students to review and connect the assigned readings from week to week.
this week content

The Bill of Rights: A Transcription, National Archives
The Constitution: Amendments 11-27, National Archives
Know Your Rights: A guide to the United States Constitution, The United States Department of Justice
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations, 1948
Declarations of Human and Civic Rights of 26 August 1789 Government of France, 1789
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Are Human Rights Universal? Foreign Affairs, Thomas Franck, 2001

last week content

The Constitution of the United States: A Transcription, Read Articles 1-3, James Madison, National Archives
The Federalist Number 47, [30 January] 1788, James Madison, Founders Online
The Federalist No. 51, [6 February 1788], James Madison, Founders Online

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