the recursive version

Write the recursive version of the function reduce which takes
reducer – a two-argument function that reduces elements to a single value
s – a sequence of values
base – the starting value in the reduction. This is usually the identity of the reducer
If you’re feeling stuck, think about the parameters of reduce.
from operator import add, mul
def reduce(reducer, s, base):
“””Reduce a sequence under a two-argument function starting from a base value.
>>> def add(x, y):
… return x + y
>>> def mul(x, y):
… return x*y
>>> reduce(add, [1,2,3,4], 0)
>>> reduce(mul, [1,2,3,4], 0)
>>> reduce(mul, [1,2,3,4], 1)
“*** YOUR CODE HERE ***”
please help me with this coding issue
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