traditional classroom education versus online education with 5 resources

Topic: Traditional Classroom Education Versus Online Education
Write a minimum of five page essay
Use the MLA format
Cite at least five sources
Use font size 12
Submit your assignment in and in Canvas in Assignment.
For the research paper you will choose the merits/benefits /advantages of one method over the other. However, the paper should discuss the other method also to point out its demerits/disadvantages.
Broadly, the research paper can be structured as:

Main topic
Items to compare/contrast
Thesis statement

Paragraph 1:

Point 1/ Topic sentence
Subject 1: Detail 1,2….
Subject 2: Detail 1, 2…..

(Same format for the other paragraphs)
Opposing arguments paragraph

Summarize the thesis statement
Summarize the importance of the subject
Briefly evaluate future development

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