two page essay l

Your prompt is to write a first draft (will be include more things in revision) based on your working thesis that focuses on the book, movie or the book and movie together. In the times of butterflies
For this draft, you are allowed to use anything from this project we have worked on including your annotation worksheets, assignments, readings, and videos. Please have those at the ready while you are writing.
You will have 180 minutes to complete the draft. Once you begin, you may NOT go back to it; it needs to be completed in one sitting. If you are in need of an extension, please contact me before the due date to set one up.
You will need to type your draft straight into the text box provided to you once you open the quiz.
Successful Essays Need:

An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly focuses on your limited subject and attitude about your limited subject.
Remember your thesis needs to make an argument about your book, movie, or about the book and the movie.
A minimum of 2 PIE body paragraphs with a clear Point that is an opinion, Information that is properly introduced quotes from your sources and Explanation that is thorough and connects the reader back to the point. These points should be based on two out of the four rhetorical strategies you have chosen to focus on for this essay. Remember that each body paragraph should have at least two pieces of information/explanation per paragraph.
Transitions to help the reader move through different paragraphs and examples.
No conclusion is required for this timed write, but you may include one.
Do not worry about MLA formatting for this timed draft.
You may chose to focus one of your body paragraphs as the Counterargument & Refutation paragraph, but this is not required for the first draft. (This is a requirement for the final draft.)
This essay should be at least 900 words or should meet a minimum page length.

Grading Rubric:
The following is the grading rubric I will be using to grade your first drafts.
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