u s history since reconstruction 6 pages essay extra credit questioin 1

minimum 1900 words double spaced APA format

This essay will focus on the second half of our class only (World War I through the Reagan Administration). However earlier U.S. history may be included as part of the Introduction.
Double -Space
So that I can maintain equity and blind-grading, please to not type you name into the essay. It will automatically be submitted under your student ID.
Submit in Word or PDF only. Emailed assignments or links will not be accepted.

Essay Question options (choose one):
1 – Explain the evolution of the Federal Government, from U.S. involvement in World War I through the end of the Cold War (1917-1990). What major events allowed for the growth of the U.S. Federal Government in general, and the role of the Presidency specifically?
2 – The government has the job of protecting both civil liberties and civil rights. In modern U.S. history the government has both failed in to protect these and expanded to protect these. Explain this evolution within the years 1917-1990. When has government supported or denied civil liberties, and when has it supported or denied civil rights? (your answers should demonstrate an understand of the differences between civil liberties and civil rights)
3 – World War I was a significant turning point for the United States, changing our nation politically, socially, economically, etc. Looking the current state of the U.S. and the American people today, what events, between the years 1917-1990, shaped our nation into the 21st century?
IDs (choose ten from the list below.):

Zimmerman Telegraph
Schenck v. U.S.
League of Nations
Versailles Treaty
Return to “Normalcy”
Dawes Plan
First Red Scare
Welfare Capitalism
Race Riots
Birth of a Nation

National Origins Act
Flapper girl
The Crash
Bonus Army
First Hundred Days
Keynesian Economics
Nye Committee
Arsenal for Democracy
Pearl Harbor
Double V

Zoot Suit Riots
Executive Order 9066
Manhattan Project
Bretton Wood/Yalta Conferences
National Security Act 1947
Truman Doctrine
Eisenhower Doctrine

Limited tools
Fair Deal
Brown v. Board
Black Power
Cuban Missile Crisis
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
The Great Society
“In Retrospect”
Southern Strategy
Iran-Contra Affair

Essay Format and Rubric:
Double-space the typed essay

Introduction paragraph, with a general answer/thesis and overview of the history which answers the question. It is acceptable to discuss history prior to World War I here, as background. (5 points)
Individual paragraphs with historical content/support (50 points)

Write a story, addressing your choose Essay question. Ensure you maintain a narrative throughout the essay, using transitions and making connections. This should not be a list of IDs.
Your story must include 10 of the IDs provided above

When an ID is first introduced in your essay, it must be underlined or highlighted – IDs that are not underlined or highlighted will not receive credit. (There will be a total of 10 underlined IDs in your essay)
IDs should be explained based on the context in which it appears in the lectures.
Though you are encouraged to include as many IDs as you like, only ten will be closely graded, as part of the 50 points here. Thus, do not highlight more than 10 IDs. Any highlighted IDs after the 10th will not be considered. The purpose of highlighting your IDs is;

It lets me know which IDs you want graded toward the 50 points
It allows you to easily ensure you included all ten
It allows me to easily ensure you included all ten

Each ID must include:

A definition/explanation/context (2 points)
Placement in appropriate context and chronology – Maintain a chronology and a story line. ( 1 point)
Its significance (2 points)
Clear connection to the Essay topic (can lose all 5 points if there is no connection to the Essay topic)
Points are removed if ID is overly brief, vague or unclear

Conclusion (5 points)

Concluding response to the Essay question
Connection to a specific current event (okay to view outside sources here – not required to cite a source)
Points are removed for overly brief conclusions and connections

Writing Grade (10 points)

10 points for an overall well organized paper:

5 points organization/paragraphs/maintaining a narrative
5 points for clarity of writing/proof reading

This exam is not just testing what events you know, but if you can organize history into a coherent and accurate story and apply the lessons of that story to the present.
Please note, you are being tested on your efforts as well. Evidence of a lack of effort will be reflected in your grade.
There is no page minimum or maximum, though I expect 5+ typed, double-spaced pages.
Of the remaining IDs above, that were not used in the Essay, students may attempt to define and explain the context and significance of up to five, for 1 point each. These extra IDs do not have to relate to your essay question and answer. Again, must come from lecture only!

Format and Rubric for each extra credit ID:

ID definition (what was this) and context (what was happening at this time) (1/2 pt)
Significance (why is this important; what were the consequences how does it contribute the American story, etc.) (1/2 pt)

Cannot use an ID that is in the essay
Points will not be provided if the ID strays from the required format above

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