unit 3 individual project itas 367

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Your consulting assignment with the security staff has been a success. The staff understands the encryption concepts that you have explained. The latest discussions have been on public-key cryptography. The following are some specific questions that need to be explained in more detail:

What are the 4 key elements of a public-key directory?
What is a public-key certificate?
Explain the elements of a public-key directory, and include an explanation of a public-key certificate.
Research the tools available to create a Secure Shell public-key certificate using the Windows environment.
Differentiate between the tools researched and make a recommendation for 1 tool that you examined. Supply the reasons for your recommendation.
Describe the process used to generate a public-key certificate using your recommended tool. Include challenges and any best practices.

Note: This assignment builds upon your cryptography knowledge. Recall your Security Pro (Module 9, entitled Data Including Cryptography Activities) lab work in the ITAS363 Unit 3 IP. Refer back to your work if you would like to refresh your memory in support of this assignment.
Prepare a Word document that covers the topics in 3–5 pages. The information contained within the Word document must be professional in appearance.
Reference your sources in APA format.
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