us history modern slavery discussion board

Watch the video, read the book that I attached. Write your opinion in 150-200 words. Then respond your classmates with 2-3 sentences.
-The opinions to respond-
1- The information for this discussion has left dumbfounded. I had no clue or even thought of how many people are in slavery today. I truly thought slavery was a thing of the past. In my experience, slavery has only been taught as a historical archive or religious metaphor; never as a current social concern. This could be because it is done secretly, illegally. To mention that there is this vast amount of illegal slavery going on is to expose the failures of the world and governments, along with people being uninformed and unaware.The difference between the old system and new system of slavery is the legality of each. In the past, the old system would use race as a legal concern that justified slavery, at least in America. In the reading, the author claims slavery of today is worse because there is no legality of it, thus no restrictions. It is being authorized not via rules but by control, violence, and manipulation.I think this is true, it is worse, especially with the fact that we are continuing an issue that has been acknowledged as evil in the past. It is no longer traditional, just simply purposefully vile. Itâ€s hard to find a solution when this is the circumstance.

2- Slavery is not extinct. It didnâ€t die with the Civil War in America, and certainly two World Wars didnâ€t unite the world into complete peace. Slavery, in all forms, is around today and completely illegal. I could not believe what my mind was reading, and my ears were hearing as I watched the video and read the reading. Itâ€s shocking. Money and power have ruined countless lives. The old slavery has changed from the new slavery, but it hasnâ€t gotten any better. In fact, Iâ€d say itâ€s gotten worse. I canâ€t imagine my hopes and dreams being crushed by enslavement. There is no such thing as “disposable people” to me, and I donâ€t understand how people can think like that.
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