using your critical thinking you will answer the following questions

Chapter 3.
Medisoft Clinical is a robust electronic medical record software solution for independent practices:
1-Discuss three security features in Medisoft Clinical that protect patients†health information.
2-Explain the types of help available in Medisoft Clinical.
3-Describe how encounter tasks are completed in Medisoft Clinical.
4-Explain how to create and restore backup files in Medisoft Clinical
5- List the menus in Medisoft Clinical Patient Records.
Chapter 4.
Scheduling aims to improve the match between healthcare resources (doctors, nurses, rooms, equipment, medicines) and patient needs. A good scheduling system reduces waits for patients while also improving the utilization of critical resources.
1- Describe the two methods used to schedule appointments.
2-Explain the method used to classify patients as new or established.
3– How you can Identify the information that needs to be verified for established patients when making an appointment?
4-Explain when a preauthorization number or referral document is required for a patientâ€s encounter.
5-Describe how to enter an appointment.
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