watch 3 videos and write a responses based on them 1

this class is about public health
The three videos will send later
video is
Harley Street Documentary
three episodes that make up a documentary on a particular Harley Street healthcare system based in London. The first two episodes are interesting and the third episode are more heavily focused on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Episode 1: Make me Well is about private insurance
Episode 2: Make Me Beautiful is about cosmetic medicine and anti-aging
Episode 3: Make Me Well is about alternative remedies

write a substantive, original post in response to the prompt. the paper will be between 250-400 words. expected to use APA format when citing materials.
1. What were some observations of the documentary (Observations of patients, clinics, doctors/therapists, history of CAM, chosen CAM approaches highlighted or layout of documentary in general)?
2. How do you understand the relationship between ethnic cultures and CAM in the US?
3. What are some CAM approaches that you practice or engage in? If you currently do not engage in any of the CAM practices listed in the book or highlighted in the documentary, are there any approaches that pique your interest? Why?
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