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Grading Rubric for Web Assignment: Rubric.Web.SP2020
For many, conflict is considered a negative experience and an indication that something has gone wrong. When viewed from that perspective it frequently creates interactions that leave us feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. This assignment will identify some of the ways we get stuck in the trap of justification and also provide hope for a new way of approaching conflict. This different approach unlocks the possibilities of conflict and empowers us to create the change we want in the world around us, in our relationships, places of work, communities, and most of all within ourselves.
“Conflict holds up a mirror to our deepest needs and most cherished hope and it is the doorway of opportunity for creating the change we want in our life. It is common to feel trapped and stuck when we experience conflict, but there is a way out!”-–Clair Canfield
Watch this Video: Take notes about the content.
The beauty of conflict | Clair Canfield | TEDxUSU (Links to an external site.)
Once you have taken notes about the presentation, you will write an essay response. Upon completion, your essay should

have a clear (and brief) introduction, a body and a clear (and brief) conclusion format.
be 1000-1200 words in length.
incorporate three references from three different chapters in the course textbook. Other textbooks, articles, websites and such will not be accepted.
include a clear in-text citation (text chapter, page number) of materials from our textbook.
not include a reference page.
be free of spelling and grammar errors.
represent college-level writing

Body of Essay Instructions
In the body of your post, you must include responses to the following:

What are some of the metaphors used by the speaker to describe conflict?

Which one did you connect with best?
Why do metaphors matter?

Conflict has the power to transform, if we look at conflict _________________.

Do you agree or disagree with this claim? Why?

What are the “three keys” to looking at conflict differently?

Explain what each of these keys mean in detail according to the speaker.

The speaker created the acronym VOCAB to help you think about how you can be responsible in your conflict and how you can create the change that you want.

What does each letter stand for? Explain each word in the acronym according to the speaker.

Based on the entire presentation, what advice will you try the next time you get into a conflict situation with a significant other?

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