What is the NYS Regents Scholarship

New York high school seniors who perform well on Regents exams might receive college scholarships from the state. Learn about the scholarship program and find out how winners are chosen. You’ll also discover resources to help students prepare for their Regents exams.
Scholarships for Academic Excellence
New York State’s Scholarships for Academic Excellence program provides scholarships to high-achieving students at New York high schools that offer Regents credit. Each of these schools receives at least one $1,500 scholarship and one $500 scholarship to award. Larger schools will receive additional scholarships based on the ratio of their 12th grade student population to the number of high school seniors in the entire state.
How to Earn the Scholarship
One of the methods schools use to determine scholarship winners is to look at students’ performance on six to eight Regents exams taken before their senior year of high school. Schools apply a state-mandated weight to each exam score, then calculate weighted averages for each test taker. The students with the best averages in each school receive scholarships.
Check out scholarship test requirements in the table below and find links to corresponding Study.com courses that can help students prepare for content found on each exam.
Subject Area Required Tests
English Language Arts Comprehensive English
Mathematics Algebra 2/Trigonometry
Social Studies Global History and Geography, U.S. History and Government
Science* Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Biology
*Each school may choose to require two to four qualifying science exams.
Scholarship Regulations
Students must be legal residents of New York State in order to qualify.
Winners must enroll as full-time students at a New York college or university for the fall semester following their high school graduation.
Winners are eligible to receive their scholarship amount for each year of qualifying undergraduate studies, up to a maximum of five years.
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