When to Use ‘You & I’ or ‘You & Me’

There is a lot of confusion about when to use ‘You and I’ or ‘You and me’, but it becomes easy if you understand that ‘I’ is a subjective pronoun and ‘me’ is an objective pronoun.
Pronouns: Definitions & Examples
It’s Friday night and Dave wants to see if his buddy Sam wants to watch a movie, so he says:
”How about Sam and Dave go see a movie at 8:00?”
Huh? Dave sounds like a weirdo here, because he’s not using any pronouns. Pronouns are a class of words that take the place of nouns in order to make reading, speaking, and writing easier. Common pronouns include:
it and
So any time you say ”I” or ”me” instead of your own name, you’re using a pronoun.
Types of Pronouns
Dave needs some pronouns. The first one is easy. Instead of using Sam’s name, since Sam knows who he is, he can replace it with ”you.” You is a second-person pronoun used for the person to which you’re directly speaking. For example:
”How about you and Dave go see a movie at 8:00?”
But which pronoun should Dave use for himself? Unlike the second-person pronoun, where ”you” is the only one, there are two first-person pronouns, which are used when referring to yourself: ”I” and ”me.”
Subject & Object
At this point, you may be thinking that Dave should use ”I” because it’s more formal. One of your English teachers may have even told you that ”me” is informal language. But guess what? That’s totally wrong.
Neither ”I” nor ”me” is more preferable than the other. Instead, they just have different jobs. ”I” is a subjective pronoun, while ”me” is an objective pronoun.
What does that mean? Well, most sentences have two different types of nouns: a subject and an object. The subject of the sentence is the noun doing the action, while the object is the noun toward which the subject is directing the action. Take a look at this sentence:
”Joe threw the ball.”
Joe, who is throwing the ball, is the subject, while the ball, which is being thrown, is the object.
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