write a paragraph for each of the following

Watchmen Final Presentations
Each group of 2-3 students will choose ONE of the following topics for your examination of the graphic novel Watchmen. Use your book report presentation as a model. Your Watchmen topic presentation should be much more in depth.Using Powerpoint as a likely medium for your presentation, you should have a minimum of 15 slides, with a maximum of 20 slides.You will be arguing a point about your topic, so you must do further research on your topic, so make sure you have a clearly stated claim (thesis statement).
You will need a minimum of 3 quotes from Watchmen.You will also need at least 4 quotes, a minimum of 2 quotes from each of your 2 scholarly sources—No Google sources allowed for this assignment — you must use the LRC for books and articles.All quotes should appear on presentation slides and must be properly cited according to MLA.Please use proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.Please do not use pictures from the movie or other Watchmen graphic stories.
What I will look for when I grade:
Your first slides (2 slides):
Title slide with title of your presentation and names of group members
Thesis Statement/Claim that specifically states what your presentation will prove
about your topic
Content slides 3-19:
required quotes from Watchmen (minimum 3) required quotes from 2 scholarly
articles found through the LRC databases, 2 quotes from each article
Works Cited slide (1 slide):
entries for Watchmen and 2 scholarly articles properly formatted in MLA 8
Presentation content: that you prove/support your thesis with required quotes
This is your final for the class:Peer Evaluations of Presentations:You must respond to a minimum of 3 Watchmen presentations by answering the peer review questions with a total minimum of 300 words:

1. What does the thesis/claim say the presentation will try to prove about the topic?
2. In what ways was the presentation successful in proving the thesis/claim? Discuss at least two examples.
3. What part(s) of the presentation were weakest and why?
4. What did you learn about the book that you hadn’t thought about before from the presentation?
5. Please make any general comments about the presentation.
For each presentation label which one you are talking about.
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