write a report on self health assessment

Complete the Personal Health Assessment questionnaire (see below PHA questionnaire 2020) Write down your score for each dimension of health and read about how you scored in each section. Be completely truthful when answering! When you are done, write a 4-5 page paper that reports your results. This paper will be in 7th edition APA style with a title page, page numbers, introduction, and conclusion. Use the sections of the quiz as subheadings (Physical Health, Spiritual Health, etc) and explain why you scored the way you did for each section. Include your lifestyle habits, parental/peer influence, upbringing, environment, culture etc to explain your results. Put some thought into this – reflect, and don’t just write: “I don’t eat breakfast because I never have” – think about the reasons behind your health behaviours and explain them. Also include ways that you could possibly improve your score if it was low. You may write in first person. You do not need to include the score sheet when you upload your paper but your score must be listed in each section. You do not need references or an abstract for this assignment.
ALSO PART OF THIS ASSIGNMENT: Write an Action Plan for the area that had the lowest score (if there is a tie – pick one). An Action Plan is a way to change one health behaviour for one week. Choose ONE behaviour that is measurable and specific. For example, if your lowest score was in Environmental Health, your action plan could be to use a re-useable water bottle for the week instead of disposable ones. OR, if your lowest score was social health, you could turn off your cell phone for 3 hours a day to focus on school work and family. The behaviour you choose to change must be a behaviour that is new to you. You will not lose marks if you do not succeed with your plan, but you will lose marks if it is not measurable or specific, or if sections of the action plan are not filled out. Remember that you need a week to complete an action plan so get on this assessment right away! Remember – only choose ONE BEHAVIOUR to change!
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