writing a practical resume and cover letter

Assume that you are looking for an internship or a job in your field. You are going to do research to find an appropriate position and write a résumé (chronological or skills) and a cover/application letter that you could use to apply for the position.

Use an online job bank to find a position that you would like to work in. The position must be related to your declared major. Here are a couple of websites that you could use for your research

Florida Tech Career Services: http://www.fit.edu/career
Monster: http://www.monster.com

Write a résumé and a cover letter that are tailored to the job listing you found. Remember to apply the guidelines that were covered in this course for writing résumés and cover letters. Try to limit your résumé to a single page, if possible. The descriptions in your experience section should use action verbs and highlight your achievements
Submit the job listing, your résumé, and your cover letter to your instructor by the due date

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