writing a shot essay for the following quations

Why should general and functional managers be involved in the IS planning process? Provide examples as appropriate.

Answers will vary

What is the relationship between the overall business plan and the IS plan? Should one support the other and, if so, which one? Provide examples where appropriate.

Answers will vary, but should clearly indicate that the IS plan should be subordinate to, and should support, the overall business plan.

What are firewalls and where are they typically utilized in an organization?
What is encryption and where is it often used in an organization? Provide several differing examples.
What are the principal challenges associated with information system ethics? Provide examples of each.

Answers will vary, but generally speaking, firewalls are typically used on the external network links of an organization to control access to and from the company network(s). Additionally, software firewalls are typically present on most user computers.
Answers will vary
Answers will vary

Explain the concept of “Total Cost of Ownership” as it relates to a company developing a new software program that is to be used by all members of the organization. Provide examples where appropriate.
Explain the difference between a business model and a revenue model. Provide examples where appropriate.

Answers will vary
Answers will vary

List and describe two risks of End-user development. Make sure to include at least two examples of each.
Feasibility analysis is required to justify IT investments. Along with user requirements this is where user-managers have the greatest input. Briefly describe the purposes of the technical feasibility analysis, the economic feasibility analysis, and the behavioral feasibility analysis.

Answers will vary, but should be similar to the following:

Unreliable Quality Standards: Quality software requires a number of stages that inexperienced end-users may not use, such as testing, documentation, security, etc.
High Incidence of Errors: the focus on outcomes and rapid development typically conspire to increase the likelihood of errors in end-user developed applications
Continuity Risks: Because of individual development styles, it may be difficult for anyone but the end-user that designed the software to use it, update it, repair it, etc.
Increased Pressure on the IS function: end user development often creates needs for assistance during the development process and, over time, the need for assistance in managing the application after release.

Answers will vary, but should be similar to the following:

Technical feasibility aims to ensure that the new system is viable from a technology standpoint and that it will work as advertised
Economic feasibility aims to ensure that the proposed new system is justifiable based on a cost benefit analysis

Behavioral feasibility aims to ensure that the new system will be accepted and adopted by the people involved and it will not be rejected

We have discussed the notion of “make and buy” as a new trend that challenges the traditional “make vs. buy” paradigm. Briefly explain what we have meant by “make and buy” and provide an example.

Answer: Make or buy is the notion that modern off-the-shelf software is more and more often configured and/or customized prior to implementation.
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