writning about the major issues the u s faced in the post cold war era

Discussion Guidelines
Post one initial post and one reply post to a classmate due at the end of Week 16.Two bonus points are earned for posting both posts before Friday.Post should be in your own words.No outside research except content that is in the Module Week 16 and the text.Show understanding of the reading for Week 16 and my content comments as you write your posts.
No more than 2 direct quotes per post. See grading rubric in right hand corner drop down gear menuDo not make a list. Write in paragraph form. Do not repeat the questions.Display understanding and in depth analysis of the Module Week 16 and text.No direct quotations longer than 1.5 sentences.
Initial Post

What stands out to you as you read the chapters as the major issues the U.S. faced in the post Cold War era? Make sure you discuss more than one issue.
Do you see any reoccurring themes in the post Cold War era compared to the Cold War Era ? What is new?You must show knowledge of the reading from the Week 16 Module and text Chapters 31 and Chapters 32 to page 897.

Pay most attention to #A of the question to demonstrate knowledge of Module 16
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