written speech and outline

Enough thatâ€s about 6mins long and she needs a written speech as well as an outline with 6 sources. The source need to be in the speech. This time you have a broader choice of topic. In this speech you will need to do research to include sources in your speech. A minimum of six scholarly sources need to be cited verbally in your delivered speech; and included in your typed speech. Avoid blogs, or use sources from websites that are not reputable. A good source will be either a journal, magazine, newspaper article which includes the author’s name and the date published, You can also use books as part of your sources in your speech. An online source from a news agency (such as BBC, CNN, WSJ) is acceptable for use in the speech as long as there is an author’s name and date. A corresponding work cited page in MLA needs to be submitted along with your typed and recorded speech -you will need this for your final Informative Speech submission.So I would like you to create your Informative speech outline following the aristotelean outline, and be sure to label all sections, and submit it here in the discussion section. The outline doesn’t require sources. One or two sentences per section is fine in your typed outline, however; your thesis statement still should be one single declarative sentence.
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