200 words discussion post 3

Time for another Conlang Critic episode!
Next up is Solresol, a musical language.
Please watch Conlang Critic’s survey of the language, and then write a post of 3-5 sentences that discusses:

what you found interesting about the language
what you thought could be improved.

Since we now have some linguistic tools under our belt, please try to use them!
Conlang Critic Episode Eighteen: Solresol
Identify THREE people’s original posts you want to respond to. Please respond to those in the discussion forum. Then, to get credit for them, please paste your responses in the textbox below, according to the following convention (which lets us see both the original post and your response).
For each post you are responding to:
1) Put the poster’s name and their post first.
2) Then put your response afterwards.
Your responses should comment on some aspect of the content of the post. Maybe they poster makes an interesting point (if you say this, explain WHY you found it interesting), or maybe they say something that you don’t agree with (again, explain WHY). Try to not just say something like “yeah, I found the blah blah blah part of the language interesting too!”
If you have ideas for what could be done to deal with an issue raised by the post you are replying to, try to state those ideas specifically.
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