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Please carefully read and respond to the following questions with brilliant essays. Make sure that you address all aspects of the questions and present a clear argument supported by specific examples and references to your readings, lectures, and primary sources.
1. Provide introductory paragraphs to your essays.
2. Use evidence to support your arguments in three to four paragraphs that focus on specific topics.
3. Provide concluding paragraphs that summarize the most important points from your essays.
Part One: Essays (35 points each: 70 %)
1. What was the Industrial Revolution? Why was Europe the first region in the world to industrialize? What were some of the positive and negative aspects of industrialization? Consider how industrialism changed the nature of work, European society, and culture. How did it affect the social and economic roles of men, women, and children?
2. By 1904 European powers found themselves involved in a series of crises, most having to do with colonies. The cumulative effect was to deepen the existing rivalries and slowly create a feeling that a major war was inevitable. Discuss the primary tensions and rivalries, which led to the outbreak of WWI in 1914. Make sure to discuss roles of economic and imperialcompetition, the role of nationalism, and the goals of primary antagonists (Central Powers and Allies).
3. The Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) were a series of meetings in which the Allied victors set the peace terms for Germany and the other
5. defeated nations and empires following the Armistice of 1918. They came up with a series of treaties (“Paris Peace Treaties”) that reshaped the map of Europe and the world, and imposed stiff penalties on Germany. What were the terms of this treaty? How did it influence the Allied and Axis powers? Was it successful in establishing a long-term peace in Europe after 1920? Why or why not?
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