poem 3 an ode

ode is a kind of poem, usually praising something. The praise can be for anything (but for this assignment it cannot be a person). There are many famous examples of ode poetry, the Romantic poet John Keates wrote odes to Autumn, a Nightingale, A Greek Urn, Melancholy, and more. Another famous poet Pablo Neruda wrote odes to salt, wine, and his socks. I have included two of his odes below:
Ode To The Lemon by Pablo Neruda
From blossomsreleasedby the moonlight,from anaroma of exasperatedlove,steeped in fragrance,yellownessdrifted from the lemon tree,and from its plantariumlemons descended to the earth.
Tender yield!The coasts,the markets glowedwith light, withunrefined gold;we openedtwo halvesof a miracle,congealed acidtrickledfrom the hemispheresof a star,the most intense liqueurof nature,unique, vivid,concentrated,born of the cool, freshlemon,of its fragrant house,its acid, secret symmetry.
Knivessliced a smallcathedralin the lemon,the concealed apse, opened,revealed acid stained glass,dropsoozed topaz,altars,cool architecture.
So, when you holdthe hemisphereof a cut lemonabove your plate,you spilla universe of gold,ayellow gobletof miracles,a fragrant nippleof the earth’s breast,a ray of light that was made fruit,the minute fire of a planet.
Among the market greens,a bulletfrom the oceandepths,a swimmingprojectile,I saw you,dead.
All around youwere lettuces,sea foamof the earth,carrots,grapes,butof the oceantruth,of the unknown,of theunfathomableshadow, thedepthsof the sea,the abyss,only you had survived,a pitch-black, varnishedwitnessto deepest night.
Ode To A Large Tuna In The Market By Pablo NerudaOnly you, well-aimeddark bulletfrom the abyss,mangledat one tip,but constantlyreborn,at anchor in the current,winged finswindmillingin the swiftflightofthemarineshadow,a mourning arrow,dart of the sea,olive, oily fish.I saw you dead,a deceased kingof my own ocean,greenassault, silversubmarine fir,seedof seaquakes,nowonly dead remains,yetin all the marketyourswas the onlypurposeful formamidthe bewildering routof nature;amid the fragile greensyou werea solitary ship,armedamong the vegetablesfin and prow black and oiled,as if you were stillthe vessel of the wind,the one and onlypureoceanmachine:unflawed, navigatingthe waters of death.
POETRY PROMPT – for this poem I want you to write an Ode to something. I want you to write a poem praising something. Your poem must have a title. Your poem must be over 20 lines in length, but your line length must be a short – one to six words per line maximum (like it the example above). Your ode can be to anything, it doesn’t matter how weird it is, but it cannot be to a person or a group of people or any human being.
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