6 pages paper 10

Major Project – The major project is to be chosen based on consultation with the agency supervisor. The project should in some way benefit the internship agency. My internship is in China Able Travel Company, which focuses on tourism. You need to make up some experience to complete the paper.

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis 6 double spaced, typed pages.

a) Step 1: Describe the mission, goals and service concept of an organization
b) Step 2: Provide detailed description and analysis with supporting evidence for each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Provide detailed description and analysis with supporting evidence for each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

Describe the internal attributes to the organization that refers to the strengths and weaknesses that are internal elements that may impact the organizationâ€s performance. This analysis is relative to the competition so identify the competing organizations. Analyze the organizational structure, marketing plan, funding, service experience, etc.
Describe the external forces that may impact the success of the destination or organization which are divided into opportunities and threats. These external forces are common to other organizations with a similar service. (Examples: each would need further explanation, research, and description) are technology, government regulations, changes in market, customers†preferences, globalization attributes, and competition.) Further assess opportunities based on benefits to the organization and threats based on impact to the organization.

c) Step 3: Based on the analysis and written narrative of SWOT, develop a plan to capitalize on the opportunities and strengths and address the threats and weaknesses.

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