sql project 4

Examine the following relation and its attributes and answer the following questions.
Information Table in the Attachment
1) Is this relation in at least 1NF? Why or why not?
2) What is the primary key of the initial relation (assume the values shown are the only possible tuples for all time)? Remember that a primary key must be unique and not null.
3) Describe the specific data anomalies that exist if we DELETE the tuple containing Jacqueline.
4) Draw a functional dependency diagram for the initial relation. This diagram should agree with the primary key you selected in above.
5) Based on your diagram, what normal form is the initial relation in? Why?
6) If necessary, decompose the initial relation into a set of non-loss 3NF relations by showing the relations, attributes, and tuples. Show complete relations with attribute headings and all data values in the tuples of your relations. Determine the number of 3NF relations you end up with after normalization, write this number, and then circle the number.
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