compose a brief 300 500 word 1 2 pages

Compose a brief 300-500-word (1-2 pages) rhetorical analysis of the pathos and kairos in the lyrics of any songs of your choice (you may NOT choose from any song used for In-class assignments) and build an analysis response to the songâ€s lyrics. Choose songs with lyrics that will provide you good analysis of pathos and kairos; that is, a song that displays a significant amount of emotional appeal as well as a song showing awareness of the times or current events.

Rhetorical Analysis: your interpretations should be in response to quotes from lyrics, arguing Pathos appeals as discussed and practiced in class. In your reasoning, identify the ways the lyrics create pathos (through any word choice, vivid examples, personal anecdotes, or imagery and sensory details).
In another paragraph (or more), argue also how there is appeal to Kairos evident in the same song (or a different song); that is, identify and explain relevance of references to events or moments (identifying any appropriateness in terms of decorum or pertinence, as well as any exigency being employed), reasoning how kairos impacts the claims being made.
Structure: compose your essay using MLA style/format and begin the mini-essay with a topic sentence that clearly asserts the point of the paragraphs that follow (i.e., one topic sentence will assert an appeal to pathos; another paragraph will assert an appeal to kairos). A thesis is not needed as this is a mini-essay with essentially one topic/point, which could be in theory part of a larger essay.
Provide a citation for the song/s on a separate Works Cited page, according to MLA Style. (You donâ€t need to cite every quote in-text, as they are all from the same source.)
At the end of the same document, but on a separate page after your Works Cited (not included in word-count), provide lyrics to all songs analyzed. I will not grade your mini analysis without these lyrics.

Upload to this cite your Mini Essay B composition by the deadline assigned.

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