discussion 4058

Complete one of the two workouts. One is an all bodyweight strength workout. One is a gentle yoga workout. You can do both and submit one as your second workout for the week. Submit the day you did the workout and how you feel after the workout. (Extra fun bonus healthy dessert video).
Bonus “Healthier” Dessert:
Q2—————Individual Demonstration of a Group Fitness Class
We normally do a group demonstration for this assignment. Due to the Corona 19 Virus, we are not able to do this assignment as a group. Instead, you will submit a group fitness workout that you create on your own. The elements will include:
1) Warm-Up
2) Stretch
3) Cardiovascular Exercise
4) Strength
5) Cool-Down
6) Stretch
Please include two examples of “moves, or exercises” you would include for each category. This assignment is worth 25 points so be sure to make an effort! You can do it!
Q3—————- Second Workout
Choose any workout for your second workout. (it can be open from our past weeks, or one from this week, or anything else you want to do of at least 30 minutes. We are trying to accumulate at least 150 minutes of exercise per week). Submit what you end up doing and how you felt after the workout
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