discussion 4119

1)(Individual Activity) – Pick one of the following topics and post your thoughts in the Module 3 Discussion Area. Make sure that you cite the texts and/or draw from your own personal experience when answering these questions. Postings should be between 4-5 paragraphs long.
a.Why do nonprofit organizations receive a tax-exempt status? Do you agree with that nonprofit organizations should receive this tax benefit? Why or why not?
b.Why is it important for a nonprofit organization to have a mission statement?
c.Briefly describe the role of nonprofit organizations to meet human service needs in American society and discuss why someone would find a career in the nonprofit sector personally rewarding.
2)(Individual Activity) Reply and provide feedback to the postings of at least 2 other students.
a. One reply must be to a student who addressed the same topic as you.
b. One reply must be to a student who addressed a different topic than you.
Please note, if no one answers the same or different topic as you, you can simply respond to any 2 postings.
c. Replies should be 2 – 3 paragraphs long.
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