philosophy statment

Phase I: Write2-3 paragraphs, considering the following points:

Why do you want to become an early childhood education teacher?
What type of teaching position do you hope to obtain, and why?
What are your strongest characteristics or talents as a potential early childhood educator?
What are the factors that influence your decision to pursue this career?

Phase II: Write a 2-3 page paper on your personal teaching philosophy. Use the following questions to help you think about your beliefs regarding teaching young children. You may also decide to comment on additional issues as well. Take some time to think about each one in some depth.

How do you view young children? What is the childâ€s role in his/her education? What do you belief about how young children learn?
How do you view the role of the teacher? How will your views influence your teaching?
What kind of environment do you hope to create in your future classroom? How does this relate to your basic beliefs about young children and learning?
What do you hope young children will become? What do you want them to achieve, accomplish, learn, feel, etc.?
Looking back at the history of early childhood education, who or what approaches have the greatest impression on you, and why?

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