discussion about cd

Now what are you going to discuss? It will help if you look at this discussion as having three parts:
Part 1: Think about the following reflective prompt from Chapter 11. Don’t start writing your answer right away. Just do some reflecting about what you believe:
“What do you want the world to be like in the future?
What would people be like in order for the world you envision to exist?
What do children need to learn and experience in school in order to become these people?
Part 2: Watch the following video clip abut guiding children:
https://www.edutopia.org/video/building-emotional-literacy-preschoolers (Links to an external site.)
Part 3: Now you’re going to write your answer.
My question for you to answer is this: What do you think children need to learn and experience in school in order to grow up to be people who will change the world for good?
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